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Media and Legislative coverage of Abortion by State Analysis of Abortion Media coverage in all 50 U.S. States. Filterable by classification as defined by the Center for Reproductive Rights. Users can further explore the Federal abortion legislative layer per state. CFRR definitions in next panel....

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Center for Reproductive Rights Defined Legal Categories

Expanded Access: In these states, the right to abortion is protected by state statutes or state constitutions, and other laws and policies have created additional access to abortion care.

Protected: In these states, he right to abortion is protected by state law but there are limitations on access to care.

Not Protected: In these states, abortion may continue to be accessible but would be unprotected by state and district law. In some of these states, it is unclear whether the legislature would enact a ban if Roe is limited or reversed, but concern is warranted.

Hostile: In these states, we characterize as "Hostile," meaning they could immediately prohibit abortion entirely. These states are extremely vulnerable to the revival of old abortion bans or the enactment of new ones, and none of them has legal protections for abortion.

Illegal: In these states, there are laws that prohibit abortion in certain circumstances, including criminalization of self-managed abortion, pre-Roe ban, telemedicine ban, trigger ban, gestational ban, method ban, Texas SB8 copycat ban, and reason ban.

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Legislation sponsored by selected state Congressional Representatives

If no results show here, this state's Congression Representatives have not sponsored legislation around abortions.